December 28, 2018

The Right Wedding Planner for Your Wedding

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Many people have dreamt of their wedding day long before they are even in a serious enough relationship for marriage. But the true reality of planning a wedding can be an exciting yet overwhelming task due to all of the details that have to be thought about. Once you sit down to start planning, people often get “writer’s block” because they do not know where to start in the planning process. In this blog, I am going to explain the advantages of hiring a wedding planner, which in turn can take the stress off you so that you can enjoy every minute of your wedding day.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Planner

With so many vendors to chose from, people are often overwhelmed with how to chose the right vendors for them and within their wedding planning budget.  It is imperative to meet your potential vendors in person so that you can if your personalities mesh well. This is especially important when choosing a wedding planner. A wedding planner, like a photographer, is going to be with you the whole wedding day. If your personalities clash, you are risking potential turmoil on your wedding day. You also want to make sure you verify the services that are provided. There are two types, there are Day of Wedding Coordinators and Wedding Planners. I will discuss the differences in the next couple of paragraphs. Ask for references from prior clients and make sure you read the reviews on social media and other websites where the potential wedding planner advertises.

Day of Wedding Coordinator 

A day of wedding coordinator is someone who typically provides their services starting about a month before your wedding day. The coordinator will often help you come up with a wedding day timeline and tie up all the loose ends with your other vendors to finalize all the plans before your wedding day. On the wedding day they will be the one who is running the wedding day so that everyone can be free to enjoy the day.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is typically someone you hire right after you get engaged and before you have picked any other vendors to help you throughout the whole planning process. They will do their best to truly get to know you both as a couple in order to understand your wedding day desires and help make them a reality. Their goal is to provide you with vendors that best fit your wedding aspirations. The wedding planner will help you come up with your overall budget and help you massage that budget so that you can get as many of your top choices of wedding day vendors as possible. They will help you every step of the way, including picking out a photographer, wedding cuisine, and flowers. With their expertise, they can pair your personality, style, budget to make sure your wedding day vision a reality.

Saving Grace Occasions-St. Louis Wedding Planner

As someone in the wedding industry full time, I try to surround myself with the best possible people to optimize the quality of resources for my clients, in order to help clients gain the building blocks for the wedding of their dreams. I met Grace, owner of Saving Grace Occasions, over some avocado toast last January. In our discussion, I could see her passion for wedding planning and her true dedication to creating her clients dream weddings. Grace started in the wedding industry in 2013 and has planned over 50 weddings. She has been working hard to grow her business and expanding her team members. I have so much trust in her that I compiled a video to introduce Grace. She provides some background on the wedding planning process and her tips on how to find the best wedding planner for you. Check out Grace’s video at If you would like to contact Grace or check out her website, her website is located at

Wrapping Up

As you begin one of the most important times of your lives, it is important to start the planning process off on the right foot. You will want to surround yourself with people in the wedding industry that you can count on to be your trusted wedding advisors. Grace and I would love to help you with your planning process and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you plan and capture all the perfect moments of your wedding day.

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