January 24, 2019

Wedding Dress: Finding the Perfect Dress for You

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The wedding dress is the “pièce de résistance” for the bride on her wedding day. From lavish gowns to simple yet elegant designs, there are so many different options and designs that a bride-to-be can chose to wear on her wedding day. For a lot of brides, choosing the right wedding dress to wear on her wedding day is one of the biggest and toughest decisions she will make during the wedding planning process. Over the course of this blog, we are going to explore some tips to help you on your journey of saying “yes to the dress.”

Do Your Homework First

Prior to visiting a bridal dress shops, here are three important factors to consider in choosing your wedding dress: overall wedding budget, wedding dresses ranking in your list of wedding priorities, and wedding dress budget. I recommend using a budget calculator, such as the one provided on the Knot: https://www.theknot.com/wedding-budget/start. Having a predetermined wedding dress budget prior to visiting a wedding dress shop will help keep you from falling in love with a dress outside of your price range. You also need to give consideration to the cost of alterations, which can potentially add on a large amount of extra money to a dress.

Where to Shop

There are a lot of different options when it comes to finding the right dress shop. If you are on a tight budget you may want to take a look at a place like David’s Bridal or the Ultimate Bride. They are located all over the country and you can find dresses from all different designers and a wide variety of styles. You can visit their websites at https://www.davidsbridal.com or https://theultimatebride.com for further information. However, having hundreds of dresses and design to choose from in one store can have its disadvantages. The dresses at chain bridal shops are mass produced and are sized to fit standard sizes. This can lead to costly alteration costs added on to the ticket price of the dress. There is also a risk of a friend or family member choosing the same dress as you and wearing the same designed dress as you on your wedding day.

The second option is having a custom wedding dress made. This opens up endless possibilities for you and the design of your wedding dress. Having a custom wedding dress allows you have the exact dress you envisioned and can also ensure that your dress has the proper fit. You can have the piece of mind that your dress will be one of kind and and be the perfect dress for you. There are extra steps on your part beyond picking out the dress. You will have to make several trips to the wedding dress shop during the design and fitting stages, which could add on a considerable amount of extra time if the designers store is not in your local area. Also, due to the extra labor and time in making your dress, the price may be more expensive.

Wedding Dress Styles

So once you have figured out your wedding dress budget and where you are going to shop at, it is time to decide what style of dress you would like. There are several types of different wedding dresses to chose from that are in fashion. Wedding Wire has listed seven different styles of wedding gowns. The styles listed are Ball Gown, A-Line, Fit-N-Flare, Mermaid, Sheath, Trumpet, and Peplum. If you check out https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-ideas/wedding-dress-silhouettes it breaks down and describes each one. I suggest trying on several of the different types to see which one fits you and your body best. Do not be surprised if you go into the bridal dress shop with a style in mind and end up purchasing something different once you experience how the styles look on your body. If you are willing to branch out and try something out of your comfort zone you could surprise yourself with an amazing dress you might not have otherwise considered.

The Fit is the Key

A dress on paper or a manikin is not a real representation of the dress and your body. Appropriate fit is key to finding the one and only dress. You want to find a dress that highlights you and your body type. All eyes are going to be on you as you walk down the isle. You want those eyes to grasp your overall elegance and beauty, both potentiated by the perfection of the dress you wear. The right fit will help prevent the awkwardness of pulling up your dress, which is the most common wardrobe frustration I hear from brides. An appropriate fir will allow you to move more fluidly on the dance floor and enjoy your food and cake without feeling smothered by a too tight dress. Multiple fittings are sometimes necessary, so plan ahead and make the time necessary to optimize your comfort and style for your wedding dress.

Kay Nicole Couture

I was fortunate to meet Angie and Cyndi, owners of the custom bridal gown shop Kay Nicole Couture, in the winter of 2018. You can see a lot of their designs in some of my award winning images. Their passion for making a brides vision of her wedding dress a reality emulated from their mouths as soon as they started discussing dress making with me. They design and create a handmade dress with your wants and wishes in mind. There are several stages of the design process, with your approval needed before the next steps are taken. This is why I love Cyndi and Angie’s work so much. Each stitch literally has its own personal touch by these amazing dress makers. During the creating process, you will have several fittings to ensure that your dress will have the perfect fit to your own unique body style. I visited with Cyndi and Angie in November and we put together a video explaining the Couture process and the benefits of having a custom dress. You can check out the video at https://youtu.be/GgSbQaPGOHk. You can also visit Kay Nicole Couture on the web at http://www.kayenicolecouture.com.

Your Wedding Dress and Wedding Photography

With all of the prep work that goes into finding your dress and getting the appropriate fit, you want to make sure your wedding photographs are able to capture the details of your dress. In order to get a good photograph, your dress often has to be on a hanger. Although it may seem silly, a nice wood or wire hanger can make a world of difference in the photos of your dress. An ordinary hanger from your closet or the store is visible in photographs of your dress and takes away from the details of your dress as the viewers eyes are drawn to the out of place hanger. You can even get personalized hangers with your new last name or saying such as “Bride” or “Future Mrs.” If there are specific details of your dress you wish to be captured, be sure to voice that information to your photographer and request the photographer take images from different angles.

Closing Remarks

Shopping for your dress is probably something you have envisioned since you were a child. Doing your prep work ahead of time can eliminate some of the potential stressors and allow you to have fun, enjoy, and relax in this special task. Remember, you have to shop for your dress; look around, take your time. Ask questions and reach out other wedding professionals for advice. Wedding photographers are a great resource when it comes to dresses. If I can can be of any service, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to answering your questions and capturing all the details and moments of your wedding day.

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      Budget is the most important item when it comes to wedding planning. Once you have the budget, a list of vendors ranked by priority is just as important so if you want to spend a little more money on a vendor, like in your sisters case a dress, you you can see where you can pull other money from lower ranked vendors to be able to get the vendor\dress you want. I wish your sister the best of luck!

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