August 15, 2019

A Wedding Photographer is not a Commodity

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In the ever growing digital age, the cost of professional grade camera equipment is becoming easier for the every day consumer to afford. As a result, more people are entering the photography world and many are pursuing the wedding photography industry. It is important to know what sets one wedding photographer apart from another. Most couples have some experiences being a part of weddings as a bridesmaid or groomsmen. Planning a wedding is huge undertaking and can be at times, stressful. Every bride and groom need a trusted advisor for their wedding planning process. As a full-time wedding photographer, I eat, breathe, and sleep weddings 365 days a year. Weddings are my life’s work and passion. I’d like to provide for you the answer as to why people chose Andrew Joseph Photography to shoot their weddings.

Wedding Photography is telling a story

Have you ever thought of a wedding day as a story? Stop and think about it for a second. During a wedding day you have main characters, a supporting cast, a plot, drama, comedy, emotion, and a happy ending. I like to think of myself as the roll of the narrator of the story. In fact, I have one of the most important jobs of the wedding vendor cast. When you look at the images we will create, you will see your story. You will see yourselves madly in love with one another. You will be able to look back anytime at your photographs and be reminded how much you truly love your partner. You will smile or laugh when you see the photograph of that funny groomsman’s antics which will remind you of the comedian of the day. Years down the road your wedding photographs may evoke special memories of loved ones that have passed away. My images will create memories and emotions for a lifetime. We will capture all the stories and the drama of the day, creating a story unique only to you and your wedding day. 

Wedding Photography as Art 

We have all seen those cliche wedding photography images. The overdone images that every wedding photographer takes on a wedding day. Although some of those images are timeless and are important to capture, most couples have those types of images on their wall or in their wedding album. I specialize in creating unique fine art images of your wedding day. These images take some imagination and skill on behalf of the couple and myself. They also take partnership and trust to create. The images can be daring and exciting as they sometimes require couples to be on the edge of cliffs, atop bridges, or high on a wall. When these images are displayed, they can create a conversation piece in your home and your story is relived time after time. I can provide your photographs no one else will have. Through my work you will see emotion, imagination, and drama in your photos. You will look at the images and remember the courage, trust, and excitement of how we set up and took the shot.


The choice of a wedding photographer is one of the most important vendor decisions for your wedding day. This choice should not be taking lightly. You want to ensure that your images are trusted to the best in the business. I love the responsibly, trust, and pressure that come with telling the story of a wedding. It is my life’s work and my couples are my passion. I strive to tell the unique story of your wedding day so that your memories of love and passion can be passed down from generation to generation. I look forward to being the narrator of your love story. 

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