August 15, 2019

Wedding Photography: Why I love, love

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People often ask me why I chose wedding photography as a career path. They list other genres such as landscapes, families, seniors, or babies and wonder why I chose a single genre to focus all my time and effort. Landscapes are boring, babies cry, and chasing other peoples kids around the park was not for me. And who doesn’t love, love? And who doesn’t love being a part of a party every weekend? I enjoy being a part of a couples beginning and seeing that raw emotion on a wedding day. It never gets old watching a a grooms emotions when seeing his bride all dressed in her wedding gown for the first time. Capturing these priceless moments in a couples life together drives me to get out of bed every day and pushes me to make sure I capture these moments forever in time for my clients.

My Start in Photography

Photography has evolved quite drastically since my first film camera. I began with images of landscapes in Washington DC, but quickly began to yearn for more composition beyond landscapes. At the time, I was working as a live in nanny and my boss suggested that I take some portraits of his kids while we were at the beach. From that moment I was hooked. My skills in photographing people quickly developed and destiny was on the horizon. Although I was enjoying family photography, I still felt as though there was another niche for me as a photographer. I wanted to capture raw emotion as it happened. I wanted my photography to last for generations. So, I turned my eye towards wedding photography.

Wedding Photography is an Art of Love

I started tossing around the idea of becoming a wedding photographer just after my wife and I got married. One of my favorite images from our wedding is hanging at the end of the hallway to our room, so I see it every night. The image makes me appreciate the love for my wife and the growth of our family. Even our twins, who are just turning two, look at that image with excitement in seeing Mommy and Daddy on the wall. It is a reminder to not only us, but our children of the love we have for each other.  I realized I wanted my photography to represent a families, beginning, future, and past. I wanted to capture the pure, raw love emotions on ones wedding day so they are forever frozen in time. Although love is a universal emotion, its expression can be drastically different for each individual and I wanted my wedding photography to capture that uniqueness in each couple. During the ceremony of every wedding I shoot I am reminded of love in my wife eyes on our wedding day. These memories drive my precision and creativity in wedding photography so I can portray those emotions in my clients wedding images to tell their love story.

Wedding Photography in a Nutshell

To me, wedding photography is a story told through still imagery that will invoke lasting emotions. I get my inspiration from looking at my own wedding photographs. My goal for every couple is for them to have the same emotions and thoughts I have every day in looking at our wedding photograph, that love is everlasting and that love will never fail. I would love to hear your love story and put your story into priceless family heirlooms. If you have any questions or would like to chat, you can contact me

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