October 10, 2019

Wedding Photography in the Digital Age

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The way we share information to people across the globe has changed drastically over the past decide. We now live in a digital world where we can share selfies of ourselves instantly via many mediums. The digital age has also affected wedding photography. With technology now allowing photographs to be viewed at the press of a button instead of running to grab a photo book or picture frame, some believe the presence of digital files has forever changed the wedding photography industry. However, I still believe in the art of wedding photography beyond what can be seen on a screen and the idea of creating tangible pieces for my clients to cherish. I am going to explain why prints and albums are still an important part of wedding photography in this ever growing digital age. 

Wedding Photography of the Past

Prior to digital files, when a wedding photographer completed editing their clients images they would meet with their clients and allow them to select a certain number of images for a wedding album and additional prints. Clients did not get hundreds of images electronically submitted to them. A wedding album was the ultimate prized possession to detail the happenings of a couples wedding day. Framed photographs displayed throughout ones home of the happy couple often hung beside the wedding images of parents and grandparents. 

My father has my grandparents wedding album from when they were married before my grandfather left for WWII in the 1940s. The album will continue to be passed down throughout our family. 

Wedding Photography and Digital Files 

Today, couples seeking wedding photographers are expecting digital files from their photographer. Wedding sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire write blogs on how you can “save” money by only asking for digital files. Although I do believe there is importance to my clients having access to their digital images, I feel it is a dis-service to only provide digital images. Experts fear that we will have a generation of married couples that do not have any images from their wedding, only mental memories. Couples feel if they save their images on a flash drive they will be safe. Some couples wait to print images until things have settled down and they are more financially recovered from the wedding. But anything can get corrupted, flash drives can get misplaced, and what happens when technology further evolves and flash drives are obsolete? Life happens, technology changes fast, and we forget about things that are saved out of site. How many people have old movies from childhood on VHS that they can no longer view, or photographs saved on CDROM that are difficult to access because your computer no longer has an on board CDROM player? Some of you may have never even heard of a VHS, and that file type is only 20 years old. You do not want to be in the spot where on your 50th wedding anniversary, when your children ask for images to print for your party, you cannot retrieve them.

Importance of Wedding Photography Albums and Prints

In this paperless, digital age, there is still grave importance in purchasing an album and prints from your wedding photographer. These tangible heirlooms will stand the test of time and technology. My albums and prints are printed on archival paper that will last for decades. The paper quality and color vibrance from purchasing prints from my specialty lab compared to places such as Vista Print or Shutterfly are very noticeably different. Any image that is selected for printing, either as a solo print or for an album, receives extra care in ensuring the highest level of quality. I feel my clients memories are worth way more than a file on a flash drive. When choosing a wedding photographer, you should look for a wedding photographer that offers albums and prints. These are the wedding photographers that not only take their art seriously, but also take the idea of preserving your memories as well. After the wedding is over, think seriously about an album or prints from your wedding photographer. You do not want to be a part of the group of couples that have nothing to show on their 50th wedding anniversary. 

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your wedding day, please visit my website at http://www.andrewjosephportraits.com for more information or to contact me.

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